Water and Wastewater

Water and Wastewater

ARIAN PUMPS Company professionally designs and manufactures pumps for applications in the agricultural, civil and industrial sector.
In 1986 the factory was founded in istanbul – Turkey today many experienced engineers are involved in shaping and developing it all over the world. In 2012 ARIAN PUMPS – which was a new brand – was introduced to the world with cutting-edge technology & new management system by Mr.S.M. Jan who has took on board the company and had more than 35 years of experience in pumping system and engineering and also experience as a manager in renowned companies.
The different range of ARIAN PUMPS centrifugal and submersible pumps offers a complete solution for clients pumping needs by a combination of much improved reliability and greater energy savings with the best electrical efficiency available on the market today.
ARIAN PUMPS are working steadily and dependably in all corners of the world. The brand ARIAN PUMPS is already presented in all European countries, North America, South America, Asia, Middle East and Africa; and its spread is continuously expanding in all areas of the World.

ARIAN PUMPS Application area:
The company focuses on producing high quality products in a variety of fields and segments, including water & waste water, civil and domestic, industrial, agriculture & irrigation and fire protection for which its best quality, low life cycle cost and environmental considerations are fundamental design priorities. ARIAN PUMPS aims at completing the product portfolio and expanding its sales network with the implementing the world’s best and modern technology and experienced work force.

ARIAN PUMPS Products Range:
• Submersible Pumps & Motor Series
• Industrıal Pumps Series
• In Lıne Series
• Pressure Tank Series
• Fire Fighting Series

Our experience allows us to develop solutions based on the needs of our customers.

ARIAN PUMPS Future Goals:
Planning for the next century and scheduling for more and more globally growth and improvement and also increasing the experience is a subject that is institutionalized in our organization so we always welcome to the competition and challenges with a deep passion.
Providing the solution beyond expectations and the imagination of our customers is always exist and keeping and improving this spirit is our nature.
Based on our experience, skill and expertise, we have drawn a broad vision and goals for our future along with environmental cares, expanding application areas and products range, improving the sales and services network in every corner of the world, developing the facilities and manufacturing technology, training talented engineers to be prominent and pioneer at designing and manufacturing hi-tech pumping solutions and at the end reach to a top place in the market.