Civil applications which need to have the specific design to deal with the users such as hotels, hospitals, shopping centers and domestic applications are mostly in the complicated situations; specially in the recent years by the climate change and the global warming, providing the reliable solutions and developing different ranges of products for these daily civil needs was one of our approaches to overcome these problems.

Fire pumps play an important role in safety and protection systems, ARIAN PUMPS by using the technology and knowledge-based design manufactures one of most reliable and high-quality fire protection pumps.

The company focuses on producing high quality products in a variety of fields and segments, including water & waste water, civil and domestic, industrial, agriculture & irrigation and fire protection for which its best quality, low life cycle cost and environmental considerations are fundamental design priorities.

Providing a reliable and efficient solution for industrial applications to decrease the cost and negative effect of discharging the wastewater was always our challenges and concerns.